Parley for the Oceans App

Join the global movement – #fortheoceans


Everyone has a role to play in the movement to protect the oceans – the Parley app is an invitation and tool to own yours.

The oceans connect us all. They cover seven-tenths of the planet, harbor crucial biodiversity, control the climate and water cycle, and generate the oxygen in more than every second breath we take. Our oceans make life possible, but our way of life is driving their destruction. Everyone has the power to help turn this around.

There are no magic fixes for complex threats like climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing, but there are simple steps we can all take to be part of the solution. Parley empowers changemakers to own their impact in every sphere of influence — at home, at work, in the field, online and off the screen. This is space for anyone who loves the oceans, and a tool for turning creativity, collaboration and inspiration into impact. Through a series of missions, the Parley app helps you explore ocean wonders, learn about major environmental issues, complete missions with measurable impact, and gain the motivation and tools to create positive change.